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Who are the Comic Dad's?

The "Comic Dad's" is an idea two friends had one night while talking over cold beers. Andrew and Egypt are both Dads with a passion for comic books, videogames, and everything nerdy. Our goal is to bring you guys the hottest news in the nerd world...of course while drinking beer. You can't forget the beer!

Video Podcasts

Andrew & Egypt sit down with Aaron from Screaming Flea Productions and talk comic shop. As usual we discuss comic books, new movies, and trailers. 

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Renton City Comic Con

A celebration for comic book geeks, technophiles, cosplayers, and nerds of all ages. 

Gotham City Memes

 Gotham City Memes was created by comic fans for comic fans. We never dreamed that GCM would grow to what it has grown too and we love sharing that with other fans. Admins originated as a small group of friends but now include several fans that became admins through out the years. We consider ourselves as the GothamCityMeme Family.

Creators: Admin Batman & WonderWoman
Admins: Reverse Flash, Joker, Catwoman, Mera, Ivy, Darkseid, Beast Boy, Damian Wayne, Green Arrow, and Jimmy Olsen 


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